Swivel Wheel

Saving Lawns

The swivel wheel bracket from Red Magic Performance has an easy installation system that will have you up and running with ease.
The factory scalp wheel on the mower deck tends to gouge lawns when turning into a hill. The swiveler from Red Magic Performance solves this problem.
Designed and engineered to swivel with the motion of the lawn mower deck, you are sure to not gouge your customer’s lawns when turning into a hill.
Super-fast, easy installation will get you back to work in no time. Installation does not require drilling any holes.
The swiveler is installed by removing the factory wheel bracket and wheel. Attach the swivel bracket using the provided bolts at your desired height. Using the factory wheel and bolt, attach the wheel to the swivel bracket. A grease zerk is also included for added lubrication.
The swivel bracket is designed and built for both the left and right side of the 72 inch Exmark mower deck. The left side swivel bracket will fit the 60″ deck. The right side swivel bracket will not fit the 60″ deck.
Stop gouging lawns with the factory setup and step into hassle free mowing with the swiveler from Red Magic Performance.

Swivel Wheel Features

Both left and right sides available

These swivel brackets will not fit the 48″ or 52″ Exmark mower deck.

  • Eliminates gouging when turning into a hill
  • Robust construction
  • Easy installation-No holes to drill
  • Uses your existing wheel and axle
  • Designed for years of use
  • Shipping weight 8 lbs.